Log Analysts Are Important People
As log analysts you make a major contribution to the finding and producing effort in the petroleum industry. And I am delighted to have been chosen to appear at your first annual meeting. The privilege to attend this gathering should be an inspiration to each participant. Your "Society of Professional Well Log Analysts" is long overdue. The need for such an organization has existed for many years. Any medium that can contribute to the improvement in your endeavors is well worth while. Your Society can be an effective means toward that end. Problems confronting the log analyst are at least equal to or even more resistant to resolution than those which plague the geologist and the geophysicist. Their groups find such an approach effective. I am sure that the honest exchange of data and ideas within your Society also will serve the same purpose. An association will survive only as long as it provides a useful service to the membership. Let me implore you to guard its future. Currently, there is evidence of major infractions of the moral and ethical codes within our industrial society. Numerous investigations indicate cause for alarm. Loss of faith and confidence results in withdrawal of support from organizations which were founded on worthy objective. In the area of your endeavors, quantitative interpretation and subjective analysis are the basis for many decisions. The conclusions may result in sizable expenditures or investments. It is therefore imperative that the Society maintain and enforce rigid ethical standards. Such action will gain and maintain support for your organization in the industry.
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