SPWLA 64th Annual Logging Symposium Lake Conroe, Texas, US, June 10th-14th 2023

The SPWLA Board of Directors invites you to join us in Texas, United States, June 10-14, 2023 to showcase your case studies, new technologies and innovations at the SPWLA 64th Annual Logging Symposium.

We are soliciting papers in the following General Themes:

1.      Formation Evaluation of Conventional Reservoirs

2.      Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs

3.      Automated Methods of Formation Evaluation

4.      Specialized Measurement Techniques and Interpretation Methods

5.      Petrophysics impact on Integrated Reservoir Modelling

6.      Case Studies

Likewise, we are soliciting papers in the following Special Organized Sessions:

1.      Beyond picking dips from Image Logs

2.      Geological Evaluation while Drilling

3.      The Role of Advanced Borehole Acoustics in a Diverse Energy Industry

4.      New Landscape of Mud Gas Logging - Geoscience Meets Engineering

5.      Petrophysics Beyond Petroleum- State of Technologies

6.      Monitoring and Verification of Containment in CCUS projects

7.      Petrophysical workflow automation with AI/ML

8.      Experimental and Digital Core Analysis Applications in Support of Carbon and Hydrogen Storage Projects

9.      NMR for the next Frontiers: Machine Learning, High Field, and New Logging Applications

Important to note: all abstracts will follow the same reviewing process, Special sessions champions pls consider aiming for a higher number of contributions as compared to minimum required.

Detailed information about abstract submission is being provided in an accompanying document. The material contained in your abstract is the basis for the acceptance of your paper into the technical program.
Your abstract should contain 300-500 words. Do not feel obligated to use the full allocated length. The Technology Committee is looking for papers containing strong technical and innovative content.
We ask you to refrain from commercialism and focus on the promotion of petrophysics and formation evaluation.
Your submitted abstract needs to be the same as the abstract published in your paper.
Before submitting you must agree to meet all deadlines defined on the abstract submission page.  All abstracts and final manuscripts must be in English.

Abstracts must be submitted no later than Sunday 7th November 2022 via online submission at https://www.spwlaworld.org/abstract-submission/

Notification of acceptance will be made in December 2022. If selected, your abstract will be published online on the Symposium’s website in February 2023.
You will then be required to submit a draft manuscript for the Symposium transactions by Monday 27th March 2023 and your final manuscript by Monday 17th April 2023.
Any paper not submitted in finalized format by then will be removed from the program. After submitting, authors will work with two members of the Technology Committee to review their manuscript in order to ensure clarity and to avoid commercialism.
For questions, please contact Stephanie Turner at SPWLA either by phone (+1) 713-947-8727 or email
[email protected].

We look forward to reviewing your abstracts!

Best regards,

Iulian Hulea - Vice-President Technology 2022-23

Robert (Bob) Gales - Technical Program Co-Chair