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Optimizing Field Development Across Northern Delaware Basin for the Wolfcamp C
By: Josh Dark and Nuny Rincones

This paper aims to characterize the under-developed Wolfcamp C formation in the northern Delaware Basin
for potential inclusion in long-range asset planning. The study combines multidisciplinary efforts, integrating
geochemistry, geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering data. Two methods for normalizing rock and fluid
properties across large areas are outlined: the "Analog Approach" with binary cut-offs and the "Integrated Machine
Learning (ML) Approach" using supervised ML algorithms. The team defined geologically similar areas (GSAs)
through manual integration and grid-to-grid unsupervised ML algorithms. Reservoir engineering techniques quantified
production interference within each GSA, validated by multiple data sources. The results highlight the success of the
integrated ML approach, which optimizes field development using digital technologies and informed business
decisions. The proposed workflow contributes to optimized full-field development and can be automated for
continuous improvement with additional data.

Speaker Biography:
Josh Dark joined ConocoPhillips in January of 2021 through the acquisition of Concho Resources. He currently holds
the position of Subsurface Integration Advisor in ConocoPhillips’ central service Global Technical Functions
organization. While at Concho Resources, Josh held increasing roles of responsibility, including Geoscience Manager
of the Delaware Basin. Before Concho, Josh held various Geoscience positions at Apache Corporation and Devon
Energy. Prior to joining the oil and gas industry, he received his Master of Science in Geology from Miami University
(Ohio), and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Geology and Geography at the University of
Minnesota Duluth.

Nuny Rincones is an accomplished Reservoir Engineer Manager with over 18 years of experience in the oil and gas
industry. Throughout her career, she has supported reservoir business development and led highly motivated and
skilled teams. Nuny's expertise spans a wide range of areas, including Reservoir Engineering, Data Analytics,
Machine Learning, Petrophysics, Reserves and Python development. Before joining ConocoPhillips, Nuny served as
a Petrophysicist Team Lead at Sheridan Production, contributing to the assessment of conventional oil and gas
reservoirs, and successfully integrating reservoir description models across multiple fields. Previous roles at
Schlumberger includes multiple field roles for wireline worldwide and managing seismic services with a focus on
quality and economic performance. As an analytical professional with a diverse skill set and a record of successful
project management, Nuny Rincones is a valued leader in the field of reservoir engineering, poised to drive innovation
and growth in the ever-evolving oil and gas sector.



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