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Bowler Petrophysics, Inc.
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Denver, CO 80202
United States
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Phone: +1 (303) 860 1641

Software Title: JLog
Software Description:
JLog is affordable software for independents and small companies. Easy to use and install.  JLog evaluates conventional and unconventional reservoirs and estimates oil and gas in place.  Various JLog models evaluate source rock (S1 & S2 BBL OIL), gas shale, clastic, coal and carbonate reservoirs.  JLog imports LAS and TEXT files.  Graphics are printed and saved in several graphic formats.  Answers are saved in TEXT and LAS for export.  Log quality, lithology and source rock can be identified from a wide variety of crossplots with vendor and log specific overlays.  Interactive Pickett and Rxo-Rt plots quickly estimate Rw, Rmf, Sw and Sxo.  Up to 4 filters can be applied to these crossplots and histograms to view critical data patterns.  Users can shade above/below and between log and calculated curve values such as Rwa, TOC and S1 with any of 10 colors and add a short legend to emphasize important points.  Various porosity, Vclay and Sw models are available. Hydrocarbon reserves are estimated from a summation of level-by-level calculations based on user-defined cutoffs.  View to learn more and see JLog graphics.  Updated July 25, 2016.


Computer Platforms:  Windows and Mac.

Price: USA $1,595 plus shipping by UPS, insurance and handling.  No maintenance fees.  No international surcharge. Free support by e-mail.

Operating Systems:  Windows XP through 10 and MacOS.