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Software Title: 
TGS LogPro
Software Description: 
An advanced log analysis software for tight gas sand applications and laminated shaly sand gas reservoir applications. The software can be used on either a PC or on a Macintosh. The choice of platform is more or less transparent. A framework of nine linked and integrated modules provide full functionality for data input, data editing, unit conversions, data discrimination, environmental corrections, histograms, data normalization, crossplots, statistical analysis, constant determination, log computations, zone summations, traceplots and tabular output. TGS LogPro models a density-neutron derived water saturation in the "near-wellbore zone". This leads to the identification of flushed, permeable zones and unflushed, tight zones. There are additional advantages to this approach, for instance a fully gas-corrected porosity. Also, since the DN saturation is independent of resistivity, it results in a logic to interpret Rw in unflushed zones, thereby improving the accuracy of resistivity-derived saturations. Crossplot and traceplot methods are used to determine and verify the critical and sensitive constants. Results are therefore accurate and reproducible. TGS LogPro includes a sonic-neutron model for laminated shaly sand gas reservoir applications. Also there are advanced models for analysis of the SP log, CMR and MRIL. Software documentation includes an introductory text, a user's manual and an example analysis of a tight gas sand well.
Computer Platforms: 
IBM Compatible PC or Macintosh
Source Code Version: $18,000 Domestic, $20,000 International
Operating System: 
Windows 98, Windows 95 or Apple System 7.5 or higher Expanded Memory (48MB)