Who we are?

The "Home" for Formation Evaluation and Petrophysics

  • Non-Profit corporation
    • Founded in 1959
  • Dedicated to the advancement of petrophysics
    • Log and core measurements
    • Formation evaluation Techniques
      • Hydrocarbon, mineral and water resources

  • Goals and Objectives
    • Promote awareness and value of petrophysics in the O&G industry and the scientific community
    • Serve as the voice of our profession
    • Play a major role in petrophysical education
    • Provide information services to scientists in the petroleum and mineral industries

Upcoming Events

In-House Training Facility

March 10-11 2020 Using Mudlogging as a Formation Evaluation Tool
April 6-7, 2020 Data-Driven Methods for Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience