API Standards Information


This section contains a collection of standards information used by the American Petroleum Institute ( API ). Further information on the standards may be found in the API publications "Recommended Standard Format for Recording Digital Well Log Data on Magnetic Tape" ( API Bulletin D9 ) and "The API Well Number and Standard State and County Numeric Codes Including Offshore Waters" ( API Bulletin D12A ). These standards include;

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Canadian_Province__Districts__and_Offshore_Area_Codes Canadian Province, Districts, and Offshore Area Codes

Curve_Class_Code Curve Class Code

Curve_Modifier_Codes Curve Modifier Codes

Curve_Type_Codes Curve Type Codes

Service_contractor__Logging__and_Digitizing_Company_Codes Service contractor, Logging, and Digitizing Company Codes

Log_Type_Codes Log Type Codes

Mexico_State_Codes Mexico State Codes

Mud___Drilling_Fluids___Codes Mud ( Drilling Fluids ) Codes

Country_Codes Country Codes


US_County_Code_Excel_with_Offshore US County Code Excel with Offshore

US_State_Codes US State Codes

API_Numbering_Guidelines  (technical explanation & examples) API Numbering Guidelines 


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