Some Petrophysical Aspects Of The Mississippian "Chat" Glick
The Glick Field, Kiowa County, Kansas is one of several fields forming an arc around the southern end of the Central Kansas Uplift which produce from the so-called Mississippian "Chat". The "chat" (an old oil field term for tripolitic chert) varies in characteristics from field to field in this group but is remarkable in the Click Field for its high porosity, which ranges from 26 to 51 per cent. The chert, because of its porosity, most of which is not visible under the usual means of examination, exhibits some extremely low resistivities on the electric log plus other unusual petrophysical characteristics. Investigation by means of core analyses, capillary pressure curves, and thin sections indicate that in this field the permeability-saturation relationship of the chert rather than the porosity-saturation realtionships governs the productivity. Formation resistivity factors determined in the laboratory gave calculated cementation (m) factors of 2. 10 to 2. 75 with an average 2. 36. Porosity-saturation relationships were not well defined but tend to show that porosity below 15-20 per cent will be water filled. Free water level, i. e. , where capillary pressure is zero, calculations from capillary pressure curves do not agree with production tests and electric log calculations. The reason for this has not been firmly established.
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