Rey Casanova


Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering                
The University of Texas at Austin                                   
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Software: 3D UTAPWeLS (The University of Texas at Austin Petrophysical and Well-Log Simulator)
Software Description: 
User-friendly, MATLAB-based integrated platform that combines all previously developed toolboxes (modules) into one single software utility for interactive 3D multi-well formation evaluation.  The platform constructs multi-layer static and dynamic petrophysical models (also known as Common Stratigraphic Frameworks, CSF) that can be subject to reservoir and geophysical upscaling and that lend themselves to multiple-hypotheses testing, rock classification, cross-validation and numerical simulation of measurements.  It also includes basic and advanced well-logging calculations, layer-boundary detection algorithms, basic digital signal processing routines, simulation of the process of mud-filtrate invasion in vertical wells with water- and oil-base muds, and numerical modeling/inversion of well logs for the estimation of layer-by-layer petrophysical properties.  3D UTAPWeLS interfaces the Borehole Resistivity, Borehole Sonic, Borehole Nuclear, Borehole NMR, Formation Testing, Invasion, and Pore-Level Petrophysics Modules.  The software allows the interactive construction, display, and management of 3D reservoir models penetrated by multiple wells with arbitrary trajectories.  Multiple instances of UTAPWeLS can be spawned to detect and define bed boundaries and simulate well logs to quantify layer-by-layer properties within the 3D CSF.
Computer Platforms: 
PC and compatibles
Requires membership in the Joint Industry Research Consortium on Formation.
Contact Rey Casanova for membership information.