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The Petroleum WorkBench is a full suite of development geology, log analysis, well test interpretation, production, reservoir engineering and simulation applications in a single, seamless software solution. It is designed for the professional non-expert to expert user involved in a reservoir management asset team. Reservoir Description - The reservoir description module provides comprehensive log and core analysis capability including: Well log database, Base map, Log data editing, Environmental corrections, Automatic and manual depth shifting, Cross sections with top picking - stratigraphic and structural modes, User selected parameter intervals, User modeling language for log analysis programming, Openhole log analysis (single and multiple well), Summation, Mapping and Contouring of summed reservoir properties, Geostatistics, and Volumetrics, all in one package. Black Oil Simulation - Three phase (oil, gas and water) dual-porosity reservoir simulator with an integrated production, geological, and reservoir database. Production Data Analysis - For monitoring production and injection from individual wells, well groups, gathering centers or entire field, perform production decline analysis, production forecasts, analyze and map reserves. Interpret2000 - Industry's most powerful transient well test analysis and design solution now in a new re-designed interface. WorkBench pvt (WBpvt) - EOS fluid characterization program for use with compositional simulations and other applications, allows user to match laboratory PVT test data optimally with fewer components. Using the Petroleum WorkBench, a petroleum engineer or geoscientist can achieve the sophisticated, complex reservoir management operations which previously demanded the skills of entire teams of specialists. It is designed for full reservoir analysis, starting from raw logs, editing, analysis, correlation, summation and mapping, with a view to producing models capable of being simulated with one of the WorkBench's three reservoir simulators (SimBest II, Comp5 & THERM). 
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IBM PC & compatibles, UNIX Systems
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Windows, AIX unix, SUN, Sgi