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PRIZM has been designed as a single well, multi-well, multi-zone, multi-user well log analysis system for the geoscientist. Development of this new product has focused on the ability to allow the interpreter to analyze key wells and then quickly apply the same interpretation to all wells within the project. PRIZM is ideally suited for the casual user, but sophisticated enough for the experienced petrophysicist . Continued development will integrate PRIZM with our GES mapping and GEMS engineering tools through it�s compliance with the PPDM (Public Petroleum Data Model). Data supported are wireline and MWD, core, and mud logs (generally speaking, this product will handle any numerical data which is associated with an index such as depth, or time.) Other information supported are formation tops (viewing and interactively picking), core data and descriptions, lithology and descriptions, DST results, perforation and core intervals. Lithologies may be identified and displayed based on user specification, formation tops, and defined by log data. Data can be viewed in standard and customized log, cross plot, and numerical report formats. Modification and creation of viewing templates for graphic and numerical display of data is quick and easy. Averages, totals and estimated reserves based on field or interpreted data can be quickly calculated. Data can be imported from LAS, LBS, ASCII, and soon LIS and TIF tape formats. Interactive data editing includes single point, multiple point (patching), depth shifting. Standard interpretation algorithms and equations are supplied with this package. Algorithms and associated equations can easily be modified or created without any programming knowledge.
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PC Pentium 
Starting at $4,500 Corporate licenses available 
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Windows NT 4.0