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United States
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Florida US 
Software Title: 
The GS System
Software Description: 
GS is a seamlessly integrated suite of geotechnical programs. Its primary features include full log editing functions, interactive well correlations, comprehensive petrophysical analyses, single/multi-well dipmeter interpretation, integration of mudlog data, seismic synthetics, cross sections, elaborate composite log design, and quick mapping. GS supports full TVD and Time Domain display, print, and calculation options. GS was designed by practicing petroleum geologists with an emphasis on user friendliness, and there are many unique and innovative solutions to common interpretive problems. The basic manipulation of wireline and other log data is a fundamental part of petroleum geology, geophysics, and engineering. The high level of GS user-friendliness makes these critical capabilities readily accessible to a wide range of technical expertise, thus putting powerful tools directly in the hands of the end user - where they belong. Free demo available on the wesbite.
Computer Platforms: 
PC 486 and higher
US $9000 first copy, $3000 all additional copies Annual Maintenance is 7.5% of the purchase price (first year included in the purchase price), and provides access to continuous updates from the GS website. Negotiated Corporate licenses are available. Discounts also available to bona fide independent consultants.
Operating System: 
Windows 95+, Windows NT