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Kansas Geological Survey
1930 Constant Avenue Campus West 
66047 Lawrence  ,  KS
United States
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Kansas US 
Software Title: 
PfEFFER Version 2.0/Pro
Software Description: 
This software runs real-time, interactive log analysis as a Visual Basic add-on to the Excel 97 spreadsheet program. Reservoir interval logging data can be read from LAS digital files into worksheets within a well workbook. Archie equation computations are made automatically on the spreadsheets, but graphics of the Pickett plot and its extensions are a key feature, including BVW contours, permeability estimates, log attribute color coding, and the mapping of lithology and capillary pressure data. A project workbook file links multiple well workbooks, assembles reservoir parameters, grids them, and displays them as 2-D maps or 3-D surfaces. This upgrade version adds interactive pay evaluation and movable oil plots. Additional elements included in PfEFFER-Pro: Color-image cross section generation; Latitude-longitude to UTM conversion; Bridging software to build input file for a reservoir simulator
Computer Platforms: 
IBM-compatible personal computers (486 or higher processor) 
$345 for PfEFFER 2.0 and $395 for PfEFFER-Pro. Upgrades from PfEFFER 1.0 to PfEFFER v. 2.0: $50 and to PfEFFER-Pro: $100
Operating System: 
Microsoft Excel required.Win95/98 NT 3.51/with Svc. Pack or NT 4.0 Svc. pack 3