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Software Title: 
GeoFrame - Integrated Reservoir Characterization System
Software Description: 
The GeoFrame system is the centerpiece for GeoQuest interpretation software development. As a framework built to comply with industry standards, GeoFrame delivers a suite of seamlessly integrated exploration and production applications. The petrophysical product line includes comprehensive well log and core data editing capabilities and environmental corrections for all major service companies. There are two petrophysical analysis applications available in GeoFrame: PetroView Plus* and ELANPlus*. PetroView Plus is a new, easy-to-use, deterministic log analysis package. ELANPlus is a more detailed log analysis package that may incorporate up to 10 different models and solve for the most probable solution at each depth level. The use of ELANPlus is especially advantageous in areas of mixed lithologies, varying clay and fluid types, special minerals and secondary porosity. All of the petrophysical products are multiwell and offer crossplot, statistical analysis and data functioning capabilities. The geologic product line provides tools for both borehole and interwell interpretation. Borehole Geology products enable processing of dip and image tools. The BorView* module enables detailed dipmeter and image interpretation, including structural, sedimentary and quantitative fracture analysis. StratLog*, GeoQuest's geological and cross-section interpretation package, is part of the GeoFrame system, sharing the same Oracle� project database. This means the interpreter can combine the petrophyscial analysis with his geological correlation work to generate zones quickly and easily before computing thickness and making average property calculations. The dip interpretation can provide the basis for the TVT and TST thickness computations. The summation results are saved to the database and may be output in a free format ASCII file, or transferred to other applications using Geoshare. StratLog also provides tight links to GeoQuest and third party mapping packages. The geophysical product line includes Charisma* integrated 2D/3D seismic interpretation and IESX* multisurvey integrated 2D/3D/3D seismic interpretation. Charisma supports 2D/3D seamless survey integration, advanced fault and horizon interpretation, 3D volume and surface attribute mapping, seismic attribute analysis, post-stack processing, and scaled, high-quality LGM output. IESX allows the interpreter to quickly combine multiple, 2D and 3D seismic surveys and well data into a single project. The Data Manager* provides data management, data loading and advanced seismic interpretation. Optional modules deliver user-controlled volumetric interpretation tools; seismic trace and attribute analysis; time and phase grid balancing; calibration of synthetic seismograms and three-dimensional interpretation and surface and volume visualization. The reservoir engineering product line provides applications for calculating rock strength and mechanical properties. It also includes well pressure test analysis and design, as well as MDT and RFT interpretation. Coupled with the structural interpretation, reservoir boundaries can be delineated with confidence and further combined with borehole image interpretation, to gain a greater understanding of reservoir flow units.
Computer Platforms: 
SunOS 5.4, Sun OS 5.5 (Solaris 2.4, 2.5) IRIX 6.2 
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Operating System: 
OS 5.4 & 5.5, Solaris 2.4 & 2.5, IREX 6.2 
Software Title: 
LogDB - Well Log Archival System
Software Description: 
Log DB* software is a comprehensive well log archival system. This package includes capabilities for cataloging, storing, validating and retrieving the increasingly large volumes of log data required throughout the life cycle of a well. Because the LogDB program accommodates a variety of log data, E&P companies can now access a much larger percentage of their corporate assets, helping reduce the amount of time spent locating and organizing data. LogDB software can be integrated directly with corporate systems to enhance overall effectiveness of the data management system. Geoshare Half-links provide a convenient industry-standard data exchange mechanism for exporting data to other applications or projects. 
Computer Platforms: 
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Operating System: 
OS 5.4 & 5.5, Solaris 2.4 & 2.5 
Software Title: 
Software Description: 
QLA is a petrophysical interpretation application that delivers comprehensive well log analysis with a personal computer. Various models including the dual-water model can be used to analyze log data. QLA features a suite of interactive log analysis tools. For example, use Log Display to quickly define display parameters while interactive editing, annotation and depth-shifting curves provide precise logs. Simultaneously display standard or user-defined crossplots, the corresponding log curves and optional histograms with Crossplot Display. Other features, such as Crossplot Edit, display more accurate representations of curves by providing a selection of curves for the X,Y and Z axis. A variety of output devices are supported for continuous scaled printing of logs. 
Computer Platforms: 
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Operating System: