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Software Title: 
Stratmagnetic Explorer (v1.0)
Software Description: 
This is a three dimensional borehole electromagnetic simulator, solving for layered anisotropic media with dip. It performs detailed 3-D forward modeling and log analysis with graphic solutions and tabulated summaries for electromagnetic properties. It solves Maxwells equations for layered anisotropic media without invoking limited geometric factor, hybrid, linearized integral equation, dipole or Born based approximations. One single, self-consistent formulation applies to all frequences, to "coil alone" tools or those with conductive mandrels, to problems where transmitter coil diameters exceed layer thicknesses and reside across multiple beds. The approach models the induced eddy current field, and the electric field that arises from charge radiation and surface polarization at bed interfaces. Equal emphasis is placed on magnetic field analysis and "sensitive volume" determination for NMR electromagnetic modeling. The program can be used for both interpretation and hardware design applications. 
Computer Platforms: 
IBM PC and compatibles 
$9,500 annual lease Source code available Corporate licenses available 
Operating System: 
Windows 3.1, Windows 95