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Techlog Business Development Manager North - South America Houston  ,  TX
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Techlog Business Development Manager - North America Houston  ,  TX
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Techlog is designed as an integrative geosciences package rather than simply a log analytical package. The designers have made a special point of being able to load and manage all kinds of data that petrophysicists would be interested to use in a petrophysically orientated reservoir description exercise (from core photomicrographs, through cores (routine and special data), all kinds of logs (LWD and wireline), images, text data, up to seismic data). The package is fully multi-well and multi-user in access. This integrative capability, combined with a modern and interactive, graphically based user interface improves throughput time and the multi-user design enables collaborative working amongst team members to optimise the information extracted from expensively acquired data. Scalable � system can be built up as needs develop The system is fully modular so that only the modules relevant to one�s workflow need be purchased, until such time as the workflow changes. There are many modules that already exist in the Techlog Suite, so extending functionality in most cases does not require a lengthy wait for new development work to be completed. Innovative and Future-proof Several modules are present that are unique to the Techlog system and are not found in other packages (for example, Saturation-height modelling, formation pressure analysis, self-organising maps for facies analysis). In addition, the package has the advantage of significant on-going investment from the Schlumberger organisation that means that the software is assured of a fully supported future and will be expanded and developed aggressively. Maintenance dollars will be rewarded with expanded functionality. Progressive integration within the Petrel/Ocean domain will bring added value by extending workflows involving petrophysical data input to geomodelling; for example, incorporating uncertainty in petrophysical estimates in data passed across to Petrel will enhance the value and accuracy of resulting petrophysical model characterisation.