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Trivision Geosystems Ltd. is an aggressive software developer specializing in leading edge geological information management solutions for both wellsite and office environments.�

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Our signature product is the Power*Suite line of striplog & report creation software.� Power*Suite sets the benchmark for what is possible when a software package�s only limitation is the user�s imagination. Power*Suite consists of two products, Power*Log � our vertical package and Power*Curve � our horizontal package.� The two packages work seamlessly to assist exploration and development personnel in areas from daily information acquisition to the support of critical decision making. Our recent development is the TVD*Module. It measures True Vertical Depth, Sub Sea Level and Measured Depth. Since then, our belief of constant improvement in building and improving our software systems as well as our commitment to provide superior support and services to our customers have become the cornerstone of our business. Power*Log comes with a full set of reporting capabilities. The system provides all of the necessary reports to generate a complete summary of the geological information available at the wellsite. The following is a listing of the well end reports: Well Summary Well Abstract Daily Drilling Summary Casing Summary Bit Record Wireline Logging Summary Drill Stem Tests Deviation Surveys Directional Surveys Drilling Fluid Summary Wellsite Work Schedule Formation Top Summary Formation Evaluations Core Description Reports Sample Description Report Table of Contents Title Page Abandonment Plugs A complete set of Morning Reports come with this package as well and are listed below: Morning Information & Lithology Summary Report Chromatograph Gas Summary Reports Formation Top Summary Total Gas Summary Report Printing for Multiple Wells will certainly speed up the reporting process as the user can request one or more wells to be printed sequentially. The user also has the ability to select which reports they need to be printed. Export pre-formatted reports to word processing or spreadsheet programs such as Word for Windows, Word Perfect and Excel etc. The user can then format the output to their desired specifications in order to further enhance the output or manipulate the data. Security is ensured thanks to the encrypted database and password protection used to give you total control over whom has access to you data. ODBC Compliant (Open Database Connectivity) will enable the user to easily port the data to other platforms; environments and databases where the data can be used in conjunction with other computer aided exploration tools. Network Versions of Power*Log are also available so information can be shared between all the corporate divisions. Ask us about the details of this network software.
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The TVD*Module allows you to record your data and view it in several views. True Vertical Depth, Sub Sea Level and Measured Depth. You can now print the log in the depth view you are presently using (MD, TVD or SSL) and in any vertical depth scale from 1:48 to 1:50. Mix multiple survey groups together for a single well that has multiple trajectories to have accurate well path, TVD and SSL presentations for each individual leg or trajectory. Correlate multiple wells on a single log with respect to either TVD or SSL presentations.
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MS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP
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$1,999 to $4,399 CDN