Argentine Chapter: March 2021

 General News

Technology / Innovation Team will have the responsibility of promoting and keeping our community informed of new technological advances and innovation. They are high-level professionals of seniority who are related in their daily work with these issues. For this reason, they will contribute novel themes and ideas to be developed and disseminated through the different activities proposed.

The regional delegates will be responsible for obtaining visibility of our Chapter in the different bases of the interior of the country and to achieve a close approach with the educational communities in general and the university communities. They will receive and transmit the concerns, uncertainties, ideas and proposals of those professionals from all over the country and on that, we will work.

The importance of the support team including secretary, events agent and Webb page and diffusion agents, is immense. They will be responsible of all the activities and technical events that arise in the Chapter are organized successfully.

Due to the global pandemic, we are designing different formats of activities. We must be creative and take this situation as a great opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Recent Events

As a summary, we show the following:

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2: Upcoming events

3: Audience analysis

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Upcoming Event

  1. Open Talks Cycle

    In this context of open talks, we are preparing a couple of presentations:

    May 2021:
  •  Advanced Multi-Mineral Solution - Using Genetic Algorithm to Accelerate and Improve Multi-Mineral Petrophysical Analysis. Patricia E. Rodrigues, Whiting Petroleum                   Corporation (Presenter in Spanish); Reinaldo J. Michelena, Kevin S. Godbey, SeisPetro Geosoftware, LLC and Mike J. Uland,, Inc.
  • Introduccion al mundo laboral. ¿Cómo conducirnos?. Karina Michini (Especialista en Educación y Coach de Carrera)

Junio 2021: Estudios integrales a escala plug/testigo lateral. ¿La herramienta adecuada para resolver la complejidad de los Yacimientos no convencionales? Ezequiel Gonzalez Pelegri  (YPF TECNOLOGIA), Mariano Cipollone (YPF TECNOLOGIA)

July 2021: The Benefits and Dangers of using Artificial Intelligence in Petrophysics, Steve Cuddy, SPWLA DS.

Agosto 2021 
Entrevista a Josefina Vizcaíno. Una experiencia de formación de posgrado en el exterior: Sedimentología y geoquímica de una playa tropical del Ordovícico de Nueva York.


     2. Other activities related to soft skills acquisition

      We propose the organization of formative and informative activities for students in the last steps of their career and that may be of interest to the general audience.


  • Oratory and Effective and efficient presentations
  • How to build an effective resume
  • Tips for a successful job interview
  1. Some useful statistics and Membership Campaign for Argentina Chapter

 We started a campaign in order to normalize Argentina Chapter memberships. We encourage to our professionals that are interested in our activities to enroll in one of the categories SPWLA offers. The results were amazing and today we have 74 Members Argentina Chapter Affiliates YTD.

One of our main objectives this year is to be present in the student agenda of the universities. we are designing activities and strategies to capture the interest of seniors in college and help them through the complex transition to work life.

We will go on “recovering” members!


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