Formation Testing SIG (FTSIG) was established in December 2010 to advance formation pressure and sampling knowledge



09/21 – Given current Covid 19 situation, the SIG FT steering committee decided to move this year to online sessions only. There will be several sessions running from October to January.

09/21 – We are happy to announce the first two sessions of the FT SIG online series this year. On October 19th there will be a panel of FT final users SMEs discussing the operators desire from services companies to develop/improve. On November 04th, there will be one presentation about connectivity using downhole fluid analysis and one about LWD fluid analysis. Please visit  SPWLA Formation Testing SIG | LinkedIn  or SPWLA events calendar for further details.

09/21 – We want to welcome Tarek Mohamed ( Tarek Mohamed | LinkedIn )  to the FT SIG steering committee. Tarek is a graduate student and petrophysics research assistant at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, pursuing a PhD degree in petroleum engineering. His research focuses on developing new interpretation methods and applications of formation testers and downhole fluid analysis (DFA) measurements. He holds a BS degree from Suez University, Egypt, and an MS degree from the University of Oklahoma in petroleum engineering, and a Graduate Certificate in data science and analytics from the University of Oklahoma.

09/21 – Camilo Gelvez (Camilo Gelvez | LinkedIn) has transitioned from the University of Texas to BP. While in UT, Camilo was instrumental in keeping the connection between the academia and the FT SIG. We are very thankful for Camilo’s contribution while in UT and we are honored to have him as part of the SIG FT steering committee as he moved to his new role.

Steering Committee:


Wilson Pineda, BP

Vice-Chair Technology

Chengli Dong, Shell


Anup Hunnur, Baker Hughes


Soraya Betancourt , Schlumberger


Yan Dong, Repsol

W. Wade Samec, Halliburton

Carlos Torres-Verdin, The University of Texas at Austin

Mark Proett, Independent Consultant

Camilo Gelvez, BP

Tarek Mohamed, The University of Texas at Austin

Irina Baca Espinoza, Weatherford

The SIG plans to host one meeting per year on various topics pertaining to formation testing.

  Some general SIG activities anticipated:
- SIG related meetings, workshops, short courses, and sessions at general/annual meetings
- Maintain contacts with other professional societies that are also concerned with formation testing
- Web-based information exchange, perhaps including posting of papers, experts list, question area
- Provide leadership for technical standardization activities or QA/QC related with pressure measurements or fluid sample acquisition

Click here for the Formation Testing and Sampling LinkedIn Group.