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Title: The Evolution of Inflow Control Technology to Enhanced oil recovery in thin oil rim: Principle, Performance and Case Studies.

Presenter: Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail

Presenter Bio: Dr Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail is Vice President – Subsurface for InflowControl AS. He holds over 18 years of global experience within advanced completions, petroleum engineering and Research & Development. He has extensive experience in designed and modeled autonomous and passive nozzle completions across the globe and he also holds various patents for inflow control design and has several publications published in international journals and conferences. Dr Mohd Ismail holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Leeds, UK and was selected as SPE Distinguished Lecturer for inflow control technology disciplines in 2018/19.


Enhanced recovery techniques may potentially increase the recoverable reserves and production capability for economic operation of marginal/mature oilfields. Despite the improved productivity and uplift in reserve recovery associated with current inflow control technology, the desire for stronger choke for gas and water potentially unlock more opportunity in many reservoirs.  Furthermore, effective sandface water-control has the benefit of reduced water-handling costs and associated CO2 emissions. Limited viscosity difference between light oil, water and gas are often a challenge of most autonomous and passive inflow control technology to restricted water and gas when breakthrough happen.  The novel design of inflow control technology which are known as Autonomous inflow control valve’s (AICV) can distinguish the difference between the light oil, water and gas, and are able to strongly choke and shut the water and gas effluents zones once breakthrough in light oil reservoir. Experimental flow loop results illustrate a significant improvement from conventional and autonomous ICD in light oil by exhibits at least 35% more restrictive of water and 55% more restrictive of gas in light oil. Case studies have proved that AICV shows effective water and gas breakthrough control resulting in improved oil recovery and limiting the water and gas by better sweep along the wellbore section that were not previously being produced. Comprehensive guidelines on the due diligence of candidate well selection have been developed to improves the economics of thin oil rim development and benefits the environmental.

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