SPWLA Acoustics SIG Fall Workshop

Borehole Acoustics Workshop: The Road Ahead

POSTPONED UNTIL SPRING OF 2021 Baker Hughes, CTI, Houston, TX

This workshop will take the format of an open discussion between experts from the E&P industry, service companies and universities on a wide variety of topics focused on the future of borehole acoustics in a rapidly changing oilfield, including the following:

  • Development/characterization/modelling of wireline and LWD sonic tools now and in the future.
  • Development/characterization/modelling of wireline and LWD ultrasonic tools and new applications they could bring.
  • Novel applications of both wireline and LWD data in open and cased hole. What could be developed to ensure borehole acoustics is increasingly relevant going forward?
  • The application of machine learning and multi-physics approaches to borehole acoustics data. Could it allow us to do things we can not do now?

The organizing committee would like to invite abstract submissions: (< 1000 words) on all of the above topics and others within the workshop mandate. Abstract submission is not mandatory in order to attend the workshop.


The conference will consist of oral presentations followed by breakout/discussion sessions.
Details regarding registration, workshop charges, presentation duration, breakout/discussion format, etc., will be available shortly.

To encourage sharing of the latest techniques, ideas, and developments in borehole acoustics, proceedings and presentations are off the record.

This topical conference will be conducted as an “off-the-record” forum with no publication of any material presented. We encourage the presenters and participants to share their case studies, conceptual innovations, new methodologies and latest technologies. Video recording, photographing or quoting of speakers or their presentations will be expressly prohibited.

Company logos should be limited to the title slide to indicate the affiliations of the author and co-authors. Commercialism during presentations is not permitted.

Steering Committee:
Matt Blyth (SLB), Alexei Bolshakov (Chevron), Arthur Cheng (NUS), Richard Coates (HAL), Tim Geerits (BH).

SPWLA VP of Education:
Katerina Yared (SM Energy)


The Acoustics Special Interest Group has been formed in accordance with SPWLA bylaws and has been ratified/approved by the committee. The purpose of this SIG is to provide a forum for those interested in borehole acoustics to conduct technical discussions concerning tool design, data acquisition, applications, interpretation, and to develop/promote industry standards.

Borehole Acoustics has grown significantly in technology and applications since the early days of monopole wireline tools in the 1960s. There have been design advances in both the wireline and LWD systems allowing for ever-increasing data quality and complexity. Uses of the data have grown from porosity and cement bond logging to include pore pressure prediction, seismic correlation, 3D stress profiling, fracture characterization, production enhancement, permeability, geosteering, and more.

The complexity of acoustic data and number of applications which require high levels of processing skill have led to some frustrations in the industry about understanding accuracies and uncertainties. Different vendors can have quite different processing methods and data delivery techniques, leading to apparent conflicts in results. An acoustics SIG is a vehicle to develop or suggest industry-wide standards for processing, data delivery, and log displays (where appropriate).

The SIG should be an excellent vehicle for discussions of existing and emerging applications and validation of new techniques. Some benchmark test cases could be organized for emerging tools and applications. Membership is open to all, with participation welcome from operators, service companies, academia, and consultants. There is no fee to join the SIG (though there is sometimes a registration fee to attend meetings in order to offset the cost of meeting facilities/meals).